parents1We encourage parents to get involved in a variety of ways. Parents can make sure children understand the importance of education, and they can help children learn outside of school. Below are some tips for helping your elementary student learn at home as well as in school.

The first one is the most important: Read. Read to your child. Read with your child. Let your child see you reading every day, so that he or she understands the importance of learning to read well.

  1. Read to and with your child, and have your child read to you.
  2. Encourage your child to keep a journal of daily events.
  3. Keep books available to your child, and make regular trips to the public library.
  4. When you shop for groceries, have your child help you find items and then estimate the cost of the purchase.
  5. Discuss different kinds of jobs and careers in your community to help your child understand that school prepares them for a career.
  6. Visit museums, zoos and city art exhibits with your child.
  7. Help your child identify and set fitness goals. Make walking, hiking or biking a family activity.
  8. Talk to your child about the importance of education.
  9. Meet with your child’s teachers regularly to monitor progress.
  10. Compliment your child’s work and success in school.
  11. Make sure your child does each day’s homework assignment. Set aside a quiet place for homework and set a regular time each day for it.
  12. Listen to music together, and have art materials (crayons, paint, brushes, pencils, paper) available at home.

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