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About Our Campus

Harvest Prep – Yuma, AZ

Home of the sunniest place in America, and where our students shine even brighter. The Yuma Campus is a Kinder through 12th Grade Learning Facility that provides many opportunities to grow and advance. Come experience the harvest difference.


The school opened in August 2001 in the Yuma Baptist Church. HPA leased this 4,500sq. ft. facility for its 1st year, serving K-6


Due to student population increase, HPA moved to a 10,000 sq ft building in Downtown Yuma, serving K-8

HPA increased population in 2003 and struggled to get a larger facility but due to time constraints and funding; HPA had to lease an additional building now home to  the University of Phoenix

HPA now had two leased buildings – one housing K-4th and another housing 6th-8th. Even though the surroundings were not the most fitting –staff made it work and parents stuck with HPA despite the obstacles.


In January of 2005 HPA was able to move into their permanent location at 350 E 18th Street. However, the struggles for HPA did not stop there. Just three weeks before HPA was scheduled to open, Yuma County had a severe thunderstorm and flood that nearly wiped out all the classroom(s). Staff came in that
following morning to find themselves standing in ankle deep water.

Despite the anguish, all the staff pulled together once again to get the building back in order – just in time to pass the state inspection and open the doors as scheduled!

HPA Yuma has been developed and improved to its current state of completion. We have added a new High School wing with state of the art equipment (smart boards, projectors, mobile lab, and brand new gym equipment). HPA staff and students are expected to take pride in their school and care for it like it was their own. 

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